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About Arthur Murray

At Arthur Murray, we truly care about helping you reach your personal dance goals. We start by offering you a 30-minute introductory consultation. In this first lesson, your instructor uses that time to determine your current skill level and recommend an appropriate course, so that you are not re-learning techniques or jumping too far ahead. You can also use this time to let your instructor know about your personal hopes and dreams for your upcoming lessons.

ballroom dancing

We Stand Out From Other Dance Studios Because We:

  • Care about our students individually
  • Are a worldwide franchise
  • Only hire certified instructors
  • Have been family owned and operated since the 1950’s
  • Are the best in the business
  • Provide excellent customer service

If you’re looking to impress everyone at your next big event, such as a wedding or cruise, learning a new dance technique could be the way to do it. Our certified instructors can discuss your personal goals with you to ensure that they will cover the types of dancing you are looking to learn. Let us know if you have an upcoming event such as a party, a wedding, or a honeymoon, so that we can help make your experience an enjoyable one. Dancing is also a wonderful and enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy.

Feel Comfortable On The Dance Floor!

Whether you are looking for a new hobby or are looking forward to getting out of the house to meet new people, dance can be a great addition to your life. Many of our students tell us that they were able to learn different styles of dance with our instructors that they could never learn at other studios. We are dedicated to making you feel comfortable when you take lessons from us. Everyone learns at their own pace and through different techniques, and we are happy to help find a way that works for you.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Introductory Lesson. First Private Lesson For $50! (Up To 2 People)